What is this blog for? well it is a form of support, for me, and maybe for anyone else dealing with loss and grief.
It is for expressing thoughts and sharing songs.
I don't know if it will help anyone else, but I think it will help me.
It is known that writing a journal can help with grief and loss.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

one alone

never has a night seemed so lonely
never so devoid of hope

than when I started my onward journey
alone and away from from you

the tears still fall unbidden
and I still turn back to try and find you

but no answer ever comes
and so I walk on alone


  1. That's lovely.

    I experienced extreme grief when my partner, Annie Parmeter, died suddenly in 2009. The grief lessens over time, but it never goes away, and small things can bring it all back again.

  2. Hi Tony, thank you for sharing that with me and I am sorry for your loss. I know what you mean about small things bringing the grief back.